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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We now know very difficult to find job. Where as economic needs is important. Many people stress because not getting jobs. Want to do business but must have the capital. Then trouble arose again cause they had no capital. Let us think for a moment. Why the many opportunities that no one can we see?
The above situation actually experienced. And indeed most people experience a situation like this. May be only a few people who luck. We see employees of private firms or the government, entrepreneurs, it seems they are very lucky. Then when luck came our turn? If we ask is that no one can give an answer to us. We have to answer by self that question by utilizing our expertise and ideas.
I am a graduate diploma computer. Many years after college I did not have a steady job and adequate. I've become an computer service, employees, and start a business selling handpone pulses. But now I feel I've failed. I have also been established event organizer but my job very small. I was able to feel this effort is difficult to develop.
At the moment I started from scratch again. I now have a wife and I were married a year. Economic needs of growing pressure felt at all. I began collecting references through friends, books, or the Internet. Of the many references to me and start doing things that interest me. My hobbies are related to computers and reading. From browsing the internet I began to recognize online trading through marketiva (see post Forex, Online Trading). It turned out I was pretty good income to cope with economic needs. Wanna try? Good luck.


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